Captive Centre Management

We provides captive centre management services which help customers reduce costs without compromising quality. Our service offerings are inspired by rich product development and service delivery experience. We understand customer’s needs to bring down the overall IT costs without compromising quality and timeliness of delivery. We provide infrastructure, critical resources and intellectual resources to the customer, which help them achieve their goals optimally.

Customers face challenges while outsourcing which may erode the benefits that were initially envisaged. Through our teams customers are benefitted with the following:

  • Safety and security of confidential information and intellectual property
  • Business domain knowledge of our team
  • Understanding of cultural aspects across shores
  • Project management and measurement of the tasks for cost control
  • Leadership with low and managed attrition

Services Include

Strategic focus is to achieve

1. High availability

2. Continuous improvement in the performance of applications

The approach of maintenance follows

1. Corrective

2. Adaptive

3. Preventive

4. Perfective

The Benefits

In order to help customers meet the challenges of outsourcing, We offer Product and bespoke application development, modernization, maintenance and support. These services are designed to help in better understanding of core values of customers as well as their problem area while providing services delivery, which Visionindia ensures through -

  • Visionindia Delivery Platform (CDP), a USP of Visionindia; a combination of Rational Unified Process and Agile development.
  • Our collaboration approach enables our teams to seamlessly gel with the teams of the customer
  • Measurement based project management and reporting
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and processes to safeguard intellectual property
  • We commit to scale up the delivery teams as per the need of the client at the shortest possible time
  • We can help customers in setting up captive centres which cover all regulatory aspects, infrastructure and resource management
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