Case Studies

NedBank Limited, South Africa

Ned bank is a leading bank in South Africa. It provides Banking and Insurance solutions and products. We have developed an online insurance quotation system which is integrated with the systems of its Insurance brokers through web services. When end users seek quotations for their vehicles or houses or other household items, the system takes the quote from the brokers and displays to the customers seamlessly. The customer can compare the quotations online and mark options as per their choice.

The application is developed in Microsoft Technology with ASP.NET 4.5 and MVC architecture.


Leading Financial Solutions Organization, South Africa

Worked with one of the leading Banking products and services company in South Africa. They have business in Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well.

Visionindia is developing an iOS applications for their banking customers. We are in the process of providing dual shore delivery services.



Binetd (pronounced 'BIND': means 'to encircle', 'to bond together') is a consulting company in health insurance domain based in the USA. Visionindia is assisting Binetd to develop a product (a unified data platform) that will help the stakeholders define their information strategy and a rollout plan. It will help various data providers to collaborate and present the correct perspective of the information.


MDIndia Healthcare TPA Pvt Ltd.

MD India is India's largest healthcare insurance TPA Company. Visionindia has developed a web based solution for tracking and maintaining health insurance records of 5 million below poverty line patients. It is an online health insurance portal / platform through which more than 20 million below poverty line citizens of Maharashtra state of India can avail cashless medical and medic-aid services.

The solution is developed using Microsoft Technology - ASP.NET 4.0 and MS SQL 2008


The Greenboard

Sage Informatics is a software solutions company in South Africa. Visionindia is working with Sage to develop a collaboration product for 'The Greenboard'. This product will be used by Company Secretaries to manage meetings and upload documents. The directors of the company board view and annotate documents, attend board level meetings virtually. It is estimated that using this product a company can save on papers and other meeting expenses up to ZAR 50,000 per annum.

The product is developed using Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) technologies.


* Some of the above have been executed by M/S Creoinvent Technologies Pvt Ltd. which is our sister company.

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