In any business scenario, timely availability of the correct skill or expertise is of utmost necessity to make correct decisions. An organisation may not have all the necessary resources or skills required at any particular time. Hence collaboration among stakeholders is one of the biggest differentiator in the success of an organization.

The mission of Visionindia is to help customers overcome business challenges. Our main thrust is to establish collaboration between the Customer and Visionindia teams. Developing small, large and complex software solutions requires coordination between technology and domain teams notwithstanding other stakeholders, by understanding the problem or challenge.

Further, through collaboration, customers can access more resources such as expertise, space, technology and infrastructure.

In Visionindia, it is our commitment to understand the customer’s business. Collaboration is necessary to build long lasting relationship. There are multiple aspects of collaboration between the shores that need to be explored and tailored as per the need of hour.

Collaboration – the Visionindia way

Understanding business challenges of the customer

We align our delivery strategies with the business goals of the customer. To achieve this we engage with the stakeholders and understand the ecosystem of the organization (employees, customers, shareholders and promoters). The success of each engagement depends upon implementing perfect solutions and tailored services that enable customer to meet the business challenges and become more adaptable to changes.

Readiness of the customer to outsource is one of the key factors for collaboration. We identify and help the customer to be ready to outsource with respect to Domain, Technology, People, Process and Finance.

While the need is defined by the business, we create value through domain knowledge and technology to design and implement solutions.


Core team of the Customer and Visionindia work to create a vision which is compelling and finally draw up strategies to get there. A joint leadership becomes capable for handling cultural and emotional issues along with business and technical issues. An offshore partner should develop and empower the employees to set new goals, achieving customer satisfaction and the social responsibility.

To manage these challenges, the leadership team creates project management framework for governance, measurement based reporting, quality, communication, risk management and feedback mechanism.

Technology and domain

Visionindia helps customers choose the right technology for solutions and provides infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with that of the customer. We participate in bidding large projects by extending our domain and project management capabilities which the customer can claim as their own.

Mutual trust

The overall culture at Visionindia is to create trust between the shores. We understand the importance of protection of intellectual rights and confidentiality of the information being shared between the customer and offshore teams. We have issued guidelines of corporate ethics and core values to ensure mutual trust is strengthened with each passing day.

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