Delivery Platform

Being a customer driven organisation, we appreciate fluidity and speed in business. We have adopted a culture that embraces change and can scale with the demands of the real world.

“Visionindia Delivery Platform V 1.0 (CDP 1.0) caters to product development, bespoke application development, maintenance and support. It is a combination of Rational Unified Process (RUP) and agile development methodology. Collaboration between stakeholders goes with every step of the delivery platform. Rational Unified Process (RUP) helps manage the Discovery and Detailing phases of the solution which can be described well with the Inception and Elaboration phases of RUP. The Construction and Transition phases are carried out through Agile Methodology.”


The solution development and implementation approach adopted by Visionindia can be put under the agile umbrella that includes SCRUM, Extreme programming and Test driven development (TDD). This gives us the liberty to do iterations of the discovery phase of a product. The Agile approach helps us plan sprints of development of finalized stories.

Tailoring CDP 1.0

It can be tailored further and fine-tuned as per the needs of the customer. The common thread among these modifications is the prioritisation of the following:

  • Being responsive to change
  • Providing working solutions
  • Take the shortest route between two points
  • Collaboration with stakeholders

Our team consists of experienced product owners and scrum masters who have delivered major projects using agile methodology. We ensure that the CDP 1.0 is tailored for each project and our success metric is customer satisfaction.

The CDP 1.0 takes care of collaboration between domain and technology teams. Exchange between these teams is done through workshops, fact finding exercises, business analysis, architecture and design.

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