Product Engineering

Visionindia provides Product Design and Development service of new products and Product Reengineering services for technology / feature update of legacy products.

Our product development teams are multi-functional and can take a product from one-liner to market. Some of the skills in these teams are usability engineers, product managers, architects, business analysts, quality engineers and development engineers.

Product development lifecycle is inspired by Visionindia Delivery Platform 1.0 (CDP 1.0) which can be tailored as per the need of the customer. Customer is benefited from the domain knowledge and technical expertise we have.

We participate in post implementation support and maintenance activities and manage feedback from end users. This feedback is factored into the next round of development. This approach ensures that we build the right product for our customer with minimum time

There are different phases of product engineering -

Concept (conceiving the idea)

This is the initial stage, which involves conceiving the idea and at the same time documenting it in terms of specifications and requirements.


Once the concept is finalized, the next phase is to bring the concept to life by creating engineering designs.


The next phase is about developing or assembling of the product.


A developed product always has to go through stringent quality checks to validate that the developed product is fault-free and can be used as intended.


Once the product is developed, it is then released into the market.

The Benefits

We drive product development in collaboration with few key customers who are leaders of the market in their respective verticals. Quality is another key aspect of this service. Product development is lifecycle stages that are controlled through metrics. The correct metric creates transparency and focus which promotes success.

  • This becomes a unique proposition with high level of return on investment and reliability.
  • Optimize investment in enhancements of existing products
  • Product engineering service can be defined as an engineering consulting activity, which uses various hardware, embedded, software and IT services solution for the designing and development of products.
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